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Special Event Next Tuesday by Pastor Eric Case

June 10, 2016

Hey all…

Next Tuesday night, June 14, at 7PM E3 is hosting a FREE “Taste of the Summit”!

Many of you have heard us talking about the Global Leadership Summit lately-what a fantastic tool and experience it is for vision, challenge and growth-and this coming Tuesday you can have the opportunity to experience why the Summit is such a world class event for free. During this time, you will get to watch excerpts from the 2015 Summit faculty and discuss them in community, plus a full introduction to the 2016 GLS faculty.

I believe that everyone is a leader: everyone has a circle of influence, whether it is in a classroom, a business, elected office, or even a family. To that degree, we all owe it to ourselves, those we impact, and even the world in which we live to invest in our leadership, and to challenge our selves to grow our leadership as fully as we can. The GLS is simply one of the best tools out there for doing just that. Whether you are in ministry, politics, the business world or academia (as a student or teacher), please join us to find out just what the Global Leadership Summit is all about, because when a leader gets better, everyone wins: the Kingdom, our churches, our businesses, our city.


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