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What did YOU do last Friday Night? by Pastor Eric Case

May 20, 2016


Me, well I spent the evening with members of the E3 Worship Team and about 100 of our closest friends, playing lots and lots of good a guy named Tom Petty. The night was full of highlights, but here are just a few:

 1. Since Petty is local-ish (grew up in Gainesville), it was surprising to hear people come up to me and say that they went to high          school with him, or knew his sister-in-law, etc., etc. It brought a pretty personal angle to the evening.

2. Guitar solos, lots and lots of guitar solos. Seriously, though: Mike Campbell (Petty’s long-time guitar player and co-writer) is just      a MASTER player, and I counted it a privilege to lean into his parts a little, and just play well-crafted parts for a couple hours.

3. Seeing people I don’t recognize. One of-if not THE-primary reasons we do these evenings is so E3 folks can invite their friends to     a church facility to (hopefully) hear great songs played by masterful musicians At the end of last Sunday on May 8 I said, “Hey:         invite someone to Cover2Cover because we like them more than we like you …” (seriously, who gives me a microphone?) I was         joking, of course, but outreach is what it’s all about. It’s not enough for us to play ONLY for members of our community: our               desire for events like this is that they be accessible to the larger Tallahassee community, and that they would be “low-hanging”       evangelistic fruit for E3 folks.

4. Did I mention the guitar solos?

That evening, I told people to stay tuned, that the next C2C (planned for the fall) is going to be the best one yet, and is going to take the whole project to another level. So stay tuned and keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming dates and times.

But more than that, start praying for how you might use these events as opportunities to bring people to a faith community that prides itself on being a place where people can investigate faith., whether its through music, or “insanity” classes, or Sunday worship, or cycling teams, or great coffee.

That’s what it’s about.

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